Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changing Impressions - The End Approaches

As our study abroad term in Japan draws to a close, its fun to think back over the last 3 months and how many memories were made. We've been in schools working with energetic schoolchildren, talked with an atomic bomb survivor in Hiroshima, worked with volunteers from all over Japan at a relief effort center in Tono, and met many many Japanese and international students during the course of many events at Gandai. From all of this, I feel like I've got a sense of the drive of the Japanese people. There is some force that pushes them on, to study hard, to make lots of friends, to help others, and to live life to the fullest.

When I arrived in Japan, I looked at everything with wonder and excitement; everything was new, and I could hardly believe how much I needed to speak Japanese. Now, Morioka has become my home, both in a sense of I've lived here and also that I'm made so many connections. If you know people in Japan, you can do many things. I feel like with the people I've met, I will never have a dull moment should I return to Japan. Thank you everyone for all the memories, let's have a great last two weeks!

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